Our Core – What we’re really all about

There are three things that are our absolute, core passions at Jubilee:

We Must Experience the Presence of God!

A church service just won’t do.  Amazing things can happen when we just get into God’s presence!  And for that reason, although we’re not into long services, neither are we willing to rush the Holy Spirit.  We are not satisfied with a few, well-sung songs.  We desperately need his presence.  And we know that as we worship passionately, he comes!


We Are Hungry For The Word!

God’s word is his seed.  Everything that he wants to accomplish in our lives he does through sowing his word.  How we respond to that word determines the degree to which it produces fruit in our lives.  The abundant life Jesus promised is available to every one of us through his word!


We Are Crazy About People!

The most valuable treasure in all of creation is mankind.  It’s been said many times at Jubilee, “the value of an object is determined by what an expert is willing to pay for it.”  There is no one who knows more about us than God.  That makes him the ultimate expert.  And at Calvary he paid the ultimate price.

This fashions the lens through which we see people.  It is why we love people – in all their various shapes, sizes, and messed up conditions.  It is why we accept everyone and why we look down on no one.  Each person we have the privilege of meeting is treasure.