Four words that summarize our mission – really, that summarize what we’re all about and what we aim to do.



What got this whole thing started? For God so loved… (John 3:16).  Everything we do is rooted in this simple statement.  It is the motivating factor behind everything for us.  It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you look like or what you’ve done: God loves you and values you so much that he was willing to pay the ultimate price for you to be in relationship with him.

Love is what motivates us to reach the unreached – sometimes in wild and crazy ways – and to serve.



Jesus did more than bring you into relationship with the Father; he brought you into relationship with other believers. You will never be all that you were meant to be without being in fellowship, in vital union, with others.

We need each other.  You need to be connected to other believers, and they need to be connected to you!

Call it friendship or call it family, just get connected!



Abundant, overflowing life is what Jesus made available to us.  A really big part of what we’re about at Jubilee is helping you to experience that.



If you’re still here, that means your purpose isn’t complete.  Have you discovered it?  We all have unique gifts God deposited in us – but they’re not for us; they are for others.  Not only do you fulfill your purpose in serving, but in helping others, you become fulfilled yourself.