"Live For God's Glory" New Series July - August 2017

"Live For God's Glory" Series

Born For A Purpose Audio Click Here Pastor Tim Schmidt 7-9-17 Messg 1

"Living Life With Vision" Pastor Rahchae Hill 7/2/17

Living Life With Vision Audio Click Here Pastor Rahchae Hill 7/2/17

"The Secrets of Wealth" Series March-June 2017

Every Daddys Heart Audio Click Here Msg1 Pastor Tim Schmidt 3/19/17

Think Bigger Live Bigger Audio Click Here Msg2 Pastor Tim Schmidt 3/26/17

Positioned For Wealth Audio Click Here Msg3 Pastor Tim Schmidt 4/2/17

Power Of The Seed Audio Click Here Msg4 Pastor Tim Schmidt 4/9/17

Healthy Wealth Attitude Audio Click Here Msg5 Pastor Tim Schmidt 4/23/17

The Wisdom of Wealth Audio Click Here Msg6 Pastor Tim Schmidt 5/14/17

Wisdom And Wealth Audio Click Here Msg7 Pastor Christine Schmidt  5/21/17

Faith Like A Bucket Audio Click Here Msg9 Pastor Tim Schmidt 6/11/17

But What Do You Say Audio Click Here Msg8 Pastor Christine Schmidt  6/18/17

Receiving The Blessing Audio Click Here Msg10 Pastor Tim Schmidt 6/25/17


"The Will of God For You" Hector Santos 5/21/17

The Will of God For You Audio Click Here Guest Pastor Hector Santos 5/21/17