Why Connect?

We just don’t believe God ever intended for believers to live their lives on their own.  The Bible tells us that each one of us (whether we realize it or not) are members of his body.  Translation:  You are a body part.  Each part of your body serves a function that in some way, benefits the rest of the body.  At the same time, being connected to the body puts that part (that is, you) in place to receive the life-giving flow from the body that it desperately needs.

So you need others – and others need you.


How do I get connected?

At Jubilee, we have weekly fellowships, discussion groups and classes that provide the opportunity for you to get to know people and grow at the same time.  We also strongly encourage you to get involved – use your gifts to be a blessing to others.  Being part of a ministry team is the best way to stay connected.

There are two ways to become formally connected to Jubilee (AKA, church membership):

  • Attend the class Putting Down Roots (if you are rootless, you will be fruitless)
  • Complete a ministry application to join a team



Connection is a two-way street.  We’d love to learn more about you, where you are, what we can do for you.  If you have any prayer requests or praise reports, let us know!