I’ve been a Christian a long time.  When we came here I really felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I am blessed so much by the Pastor’s integrity.  They are what they say they are, they do what’s right.  They’re very transparent and honest and I am blessed by that.

– R.C.


One area of my life that has been greatly impacted by Jubilee is my family.  God placed this church in our lives at a desperate time and it has been our life boat.  The love and acceptance we felt here was the first sign… I am so thankful for my church home.

– A.R.


Over the years of being a member of Jubilee, I love how every Sunday there’s always something new.  From powerful testimonies to miraculous encounters.

– A.R.


I was in a lot of churches.  I get real intimidated by ‘you gotta do this, you gotta do that’.  I love this church because I leave here with a new understanding and plus I’m learning who I really am. This church gives me a deeper understanding of who I am in Christ and that is why I’m here.

– W.B.


I was introduced to this church in 2006.  My kids were really tied to this church.  Ever since I started coming I see the change in them and the change in me.  I just thank God for the Pastor and his teachings.  And it comes strictly from the Word and I love him for that. Thank you for what you’ve done for my family.

– R.G.

Jubilee saved my life! With you all I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I didn’t even really believe in God until I came here.

– T.B.